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Mark Lesseraux photo


"There's no viable reason I can conjure that would explain why Mark Lesseraux isn't more of a household name at this point in time. The lyrics are witty, his melodies are infectious ... pick up a copy of Transmissions and experience for yourself the talents of a true hidden gem in popular songwriting"
- Adam Costa,

"Lesseraux is as interesting lyrically as he is musically, with tracks such as Everyone Here Is Going To Die jumping between crushing morbidity and an uplifting plea to make the most of life from one line to the next - "So at least have the decency to wave as you walk by"

"Brooklyn-based Mark Lesseraux and his covers album "Get Your Back Up Off the Wall" is a sort-of-thesis on the very concepts of music and dance... Songs that were once nothing but fluffy ear candy are stripped down to consider what, exactly, made the original so danceable in the first place."

"Mark Lesseraux can sing his ass off and he isn't afraid to do it"
- Pitchfork, Joe Tangari

"...mind twisting lyrics...very kool stuff."
- Greg Tate of the Village Voice